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Getting back into
Getting Back into the Groove (2020) for solo flute
Dirty Thunderstorm (2023) for alto and tenor saxophone
Dirty Thunderstorm
Then and now
Then and Now (2020) for Piano Erhu Project:
The Adolescent's Mind
The Adolescent's Mind (2019) duet for Bb Clarinet and Piano:


Plasma (2024) for flute, violin, and piano:
Heavy Rain "落雨大" (2024) for Bb clarinet, cello, and accordion:
Heavy Rain
Joyride (2024) for jazz quartet - alto saxophone, drums, bass, and piano:
Amorphous Clouds (2024) for string trio
Amoprhos Clouds
In Sync
In Sync (2023) for ney, sheng, flute, oboe, and clarinet:
Into the Wilderness
Into the Wilderness - an Open Conversation (2022) for percussion quartet
With love
With love, I will get to you (2022) for piano trio:
Prayers and Curses
Prayers and Curses (2022) for CORE Project Concert:
Breathe Easy
Breathe Easy (2020) for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello and piano:

Large Ensembles

To Liberate
To Liberate (2020) for Orchestra:
Collecting Interrupted Thoughts
Collecting Interrupted Thoughts (2019) for Symphonic Wind Ensemble:

Open Instrumentations

Myceaqua Vitae
In Response to Josèfa Ntjam's "Myceaqua Vitae" (2021):

Electronics and Multimedia

Happy Accdents
Happy Accidents (2023)
Avalanche (2023)
Repercussions (2022)


I Love You
I Love You (2022)
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